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                About custom silk scarf process and matters needing attention - Yue Ti mei

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                掃一掃!About custom silk scarf process and matters needing attention - Yue Ti mei掃一掃!
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                        For customers who customize silk scarves, some may be professional and understand the key points of their own customization needs, but some are completely white and only know the specific specifications, thickness, printing process, edging process and so on are completely unclear. Here more time beauty scarf manufacturers list what you need to know about the specific custom silk scarf!

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                        Custom silk scarf Our silk fabric is expressed by Mimi, conventional is 12 Mimi, 14 Mimi, 16 Mimi, 18 Mimi, the thickness of the fabric increases with the number of Mimi. The composition of silk is 100% mulberry silk, so silk scarves also called mulberry silk scarves, can be. Silk has many qualities, such as plain crepe satin, twill, crepe de chine and chiffon. Plain crepe satin has luster on one side and luster on the other; Twill silk has no front and back, both sides are twill; Like light we can choose silk chiffon;

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                        There are generally three kinds of door widths of silk fabric for custom silk scarves, 94cm, 114cm and 140cm. Customers can customize silk scarves according to these widths to make better use of the fabric. Printing process is an important link for me not to turn an ordinary silk scarf into a work of art. There are three commonly used methods above, one is 3D digital printing, one is ancient manual printing, and the other is double-sided printing. Of course, we can also choose watermark printing. We can choose different printing process according to customer's pattern. After the printing of silk scarves is completed, we have to do different technology processing for different printing processes, and then roll the silk scarves to check the packaging. We generally use machine roll and manual roll.

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                        The above is about the custom silk scarfsome conventional requirements, read these, everyone is clear, if there is not clear, you can contact Yueti Beauty scarf manufacturers for consultation, contact number: 13957526630